Photographs of the former arch and great hall at Euston Station, London. 

The original station was demolished in 1961 by Harold MacMillan’s government for no other reason than that it was ‘no longer adequate’ in what has been described as ”one of the greatest acts of Post-War architectural vandalism in Britain”.

Travel writer for the Guardian, Richard Morrison, wrote "even by the bleak standards of Sixties architecture, Euston is one of the nastiest concrete boxes in London:devoid of any decorative merit; seemingly concocted to induce maximum angst among passengers; and a blight on surrounding streets. The design should never have left the drawing-board — if, indeed, it was ever on a drawing-board. It gives the impression of having been scribbled on the back of a soiled paper bag by a thuggish android with a grudge against humanity and a vampiric loathing of sunlight”


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    They really shouldn’t have been allowed to build things in the sixties. They just ballsed everything up.
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